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Hi I am Dr. Kristy

I am a mom, wife, naturopathic doctor, nutritionist and the founder of Self Love Mom.

Are you a mom who is feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed when it comes to your health? You are not alone!

Having been in the beautiful and blessed role of motherhood many of us come up for air only to realize that we have not been taking care of our own basic needs. We are ready to rediscover ourselves and find balance in health but don’t know where to start.

It is because of this universal theme and struggle that all Mom’s endure that I felt called to develop Self Love Mom. I have used my years of teachings, lessons and connections with people to share the wisdom that will bring Mom’s on a journey to a place of self love.

Could this be you?

Most mom’s assume their exhaustion is the result of their busy lives and don’t realize this fatigue could also be due to a cortisol imbalance. Take my quiz to find out if you suffering from adrenal fatigue…and stayed connected to the self love mom community to receive lots of solutions to this common condition for moms. Hugs from one mom to another!