Hi I am Dr. Kristy and my mission is to support mom’s on a transformational journey of self care that will ultimately lead to a place of self love.  I truly believe that when mom’s are in a loving place the possibilities for themselves, their families and their communities are limitless!



Transforming beliefs and behaviors is not an easy process for anyone, especially busy moms. We get stuck in our lives for a variety of reasons and making a change requires a new mindset, open heart and body balance and that’s exactly what I am offering to you!

I have the tools for this shift and you will receive them in a step by step way. Each month will be a new theme where you will be given the information, tools and support to build a foundation of self love!

What is your Self love score?

Most mom’s assume their exhaustion is the result of their busy lives and don’t realize this fatigue could also be due to a cortisol imbalance. Take my quiz to find out if you suffering from adrenal fatigue…and stayed connected to the self love mom community to receive lots of solutions to this common condition for moms. Hugs from one mom to another!