Self Guided


Welcome to day 1 of your transformational journey, what a beautiful gift you have decided to give yourself. By recognizing your need and taking the first step on this path you have told yourself you are ready for a better life for you and your family.
Every month I will upload new information as well as the accompanying self love mom journal that you can access here. Each month will follow a relevant topic that falls with in 1 of the 3 Self Love Mom elements-Reflect -Reset -Recovery.

Missed a month, no problem, once the information and journal pages have been uploaded they will stay put and you can access it at any time.

In order to get the most from this process, I lovingly make the following suggestions:

1. Kindness, after all this is about love and compassion for yourself. I will be providing new information each week that will be consistent with the monthly theme with: Each month I will be providing new information consistent with a topic related to the reflection, reset or recovery element.

2. Patience: like any life transformation, patience is key. Life will happen, you child will get ill or you will be entertaining the in laws and find that you have slipped into old patterns of behavior. I am here to tell you that beating yourself up or getting frustrated will only move you further away from your ultimate goal of self care. Be patient with yourself and this process, change is happening even if it is not always in the way or timing we expect. Nothing about being a mom is linear and you may find yourself going back again and again to a monthly topic or find yourself “stuck” in one of the element without seeing the desired outcome. Stay patient my friend, things shift when we put energy into them.

3. Journal your Journey: each blog comes with accompanying journal pages for deeper visualization, awareness, insight and connection with your journey. This is by no means mandatory but I highly recommend you consider this support as it will further guide you in your transformation. Access these now!

4. Connection and community: Moms you are not alone, so many us are struggling in isolation and it is my ultimate intention to create a community of mom’s who rally together to uplift, support and connect with one another in a healing way. Joining a gathering or gifting yourself a retreat may be exactly what you need!

This month’s theme: Permission

Give yourself permission to self care

One of the biggest hurdles that mom’s have to get over before we can truly create self care in our lives is giving yourselves permission, to say yes to your needs! We feel guilty if we are not doing something, being with or caring for a need for our family. Where did...

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5 ways to give yourself permission

Giving yourself permission to take care and listen to your own needs is a really hard thing for a lot of mom’s to do. This difficulty actually comes from a really beautiful place, our children mean everything to us and we want what is best for them. The problem is...

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5 ways to let go Mom guilt

All mom’s feel guilt, the stakes are high and we want what is best for our children. We have set out to do what is right, best and will most benefit our precious ones. For many mom’s when we perceive ourselves not doing, acting nor being in line with this intention we...

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Why Self care is a necessity?

After months and months of not listening to my body after my daughter was born, I suffered an extreme burn out. Time went by and I finally began to recover, my anxiety had lessened and my vitality was increasing. As soon as I started to feel better, I began to put...

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