kristy and family in kitchen

Why Self Love


Becoming a mom is one of the most transformational times in a women’s life, it is wonderful and joyous and hard…really, really hard! Having been in the beautiful and blessed role of motherhood many mom’s come up for air only to realize that they have not been taking care of their own basic needs. Many women are in desperate need of a solution to rediscover themselves and find their own health but they have not idea where to start!

I understand this on a deep and personal level having lived through this myself. At 38 I meet the love of my life and less than 2 years later we were beyond blessed with the birth of our beloved daughter. Somewhere between realizing that a child was possible for us and giving birth, I made an unconscious contract with myself that I would give her everything, that I would be grateful every day and enjoy each minute of this miracle that had come into my life. This is a beautiful and authentic intention but in hindsight not at all sustainable. No where in this personal contract had I negotiated time for my needs and after 3 years of trying to do it all perfectly…I crashed. I was anxious, chronically ill and suffered a debilitating back injury. Something had to change. I realized that it was time to reflect on my beliefs, my choices and how I was living my life. I had to re-set my mental/emotional as well as physical body with simple lifestyle changes and ultimately recover not only as a mom but as a woman. I began to live my life as a “Self Love Mom”.

It is because of this universal theme and struggle that all Mom’s endure that I felt called to develop Self Love Mom. Using my years as a nutritionist, naturopathic doctor as well as all of the teachings, lessons and connections I have made I am ready to share my wisdom that will bring Mom’s on a transformational journey to a place of self love.