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You can recover from mom burnout


Individualized care

Your one on one care will start with a 90 minute in clinic initial consultation where I will listen and learn all about your symptoms, feelings, struggles, successes, goals and lifestyle.  Through an extensive questionnaire, specific physical exam and an optional saliva hormone cortisol lab exam, I will come to understand the current state of your adrenal gland health and will educate you about how this is contributing to your current health issues.  You will leave this visit with affirmation, hope and a plan for the best treatment to recover from mom burnout.

The next part of your journey will include follow up support with 30 minutes in clinic or video conference calls that will continue to build, adjust and support you with your individualized nutrition, supplement, exercise and lifestyle treatment plan.  The frequency and timing of your visits will be established and set by your individual needs.

I am blessed with an abundant and very busy naturopathic practice and by committing to this journey, you will be provided with priority, pre-booking in my schedule.

Group care

A big part of my mission is to create a beautiful community with meaningful connections and like-minded moms as well as ongoing affirmation, support and guidance as you recover from burnout.  You will have access to this as you follow Self Love Mom on social media as well as when you attend the events I have planned over the next year.

I have collaborated with the best of the best in Ottawa’s wellness community to provide you with amazing experiences, wisdom, knowledge and love that will guide you on your journey from overburden to balance.

Upcoming Self Love Mom Events

Mark your calendars…

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Moms Making Mala Beads

Wednesday, September 19, from 7-9 pm
Details to follow

Moms Doing Yin Yoga

Friday, October 26, 7-9 pm
Details to follow

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mala necklace and bracelet

Moms Getting Acupuncture

Friday, November 23, 7-9 pm
Details to follow