Are you tired of feeling…

exhausted, depressed, anxious, frequently ill, body tension and pain, difficulty sleeping, overweight, low sex drive?
….you do NOT have to just accept this as a “normal” part of being a mom, there is a solution!

Assess your adrenal glands

  • Do you find yourself repeatedly back at your medical doctor’s office only to be told that all your lab work is normal and there is nothing wrong? This is good news, except…you don’t feel well. The missing piece that has never been recognized, affirmed nor assessed is the health of your adrenal gland.
  • Becoming a mom is one of the most stressful things that your body will ever go through with pregnancy, labour/delivery, lactation, sleepless nights, parenting decisions, children illness….it’s no wonder that the major organ that manages stress is hugely impacted.  After months to years of excess cortisol output, most moms suffer from adrenal exhaustion.
  • Stage one of recovery is to assess the health of your adrenal gland and through an extensive understanding of your symptoms and the appropriate diagnostics, I will identify the best form of treatment for you.
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Treat the cause

  • Once I have assessed the health of your adrenal gland and identify if you are in over or insufficient cortisol output, I can provide the best form of individualized naturopathic treatment.
  • Starting a nutrition or supplementation program that is not supportive of your current adrenal gland health may actually further aggravate your symptoms.
  • That is why recommending a complimentary nutrition, supplement, exercise and lifestyle plan is absolutely essential in your recovery.

Support your recovery

  • Let’s face it, moms, nothing about our journey is linear, there will always be new stresses, phases and reactions to our children’s growth.
  • That is why understanding your current adrenal gland health and treating the imbalance now with a naturopathic treatment plan is so essential to your overall health and on going experience as a mom.
  • This will create a life that is less reactionary and more responsive and as a mom, this is so imperative to a journey that is happy, healthy and full of joy.
  • I am here to support you with individualized care, meaningful connection, community, workshops and retreats.  You are not alone and I am with you every step of the way offering whatever I can!
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Could your mom burnout be the result of adrenal fatigue?

Congratulations for taking this step!