Helping Moms recover from burnout!

Hi, I am Dr. Kristy and my mission is to take moms on a transformational journey from overburden to balance.  In accepting, understanding and ultimately overcoming mom burnout you will begin to experience your life full of love, joy and connection.

You can be a vital mom!

Being a mom is hard, really REALLY hard and that is why so many of us moms suffer from burnout.  Doing too much for too long while neglecting to nurture and nourish our own needs along the way often results in mental/emotional and physical exhaustion.  But it does not have to stay this way, you can recover from burnout.

I know, I know, your first thought is probably, I don’t high time, I don’t have the energy, not now…later. But it can’t wait, you are needlessly suffering, your family is impacted and you really don’t have a choice but to take the steps that will bring you back to your own balance.

Self Love Mom Events

One of the biggest things that I realized was missing when I became a mom, was meaningful and supportive connections with other women who are experiencing exactly what I am. That is why I developed the Self Love Mom event series, a place where we can share our challenges, process our new identity and ultimately experience a night of restoration. A little goes a long way when you are a mom and I promise you, you will walk away from these evenings feeling calmer, clearer and more balanced.

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