Helping Moms recover from burnout!

Hi, I am Dr. Kristy and my mission is to take moms on a transformational journey from overburden to balance.  In accepting, understanding and ultimately overcoming mom burnout you will begin to experience your life full of love, joy and connection.

Being a mom is awesome, beautiful, rewarding and….hard, sometimes really hard! And that is why so many of us moms suffer from burnout.  Doing too much for too long while neglecting to nurture and nourish our own needs along the way often results in mental/emotional and physical exhaustion.  But it does not have to stay this way…you can recover from mom burnout.

Are you suffering from burnout?

Most moms assume their exhaustion is due to their busy lives and don’t realize their symptoms could be the result of cortisol imbalances. Take my quiz to find out if you suffering from adrenal fatigue and stay connected to the SLM community to find out how you can recover from burnout.