One thing that I hear a lot in my practice that Mom’s have less time. Bingo! This is a true fact. As a mom, much of your time is no longer your own. I spent the first 3 years of my daughter’s life waiting for this to shift so that I could return to the “way things used to be” only to realize after a lot of frustration, personal shame and resentment that this was actually never going to happen. I would not return to that life of 2 hour yoga classes followed by brunching with friends…not that that was what I even wanted…but still if one of the biggest components of self love is self care and we as moms don’t have time -what is the solution?

Well Moms, it is to create a new norm of self care within the time that is available to you. Once you let go of how things used to be you can recognize the gem in even a little self love like squeezing in a few sun salutations or a 15 minute epsom salt bath. You will see that this is not only possible but a necessity. Once I made peace with the time I had lost, I was able to reframe my expectations and see what truly was available to me.

Part of recognizing that your time is no longer the same is the understanding that these moments of self care are typically no longer planned events. You may have a 5, 10 or even 20 minute window of unexpected space pop up and having a game plan about what things will bring you joy and a sense of well being is crucial to your success in taking care of you!

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Congratulations for taking this step!