One thing is for certain and that is we all have a 24 hour day cycle, time is the one thing that we hold as an equal resource but how we perceive and use this time can be a differentiating factor in how much joy we experience in our day.

There are so many areas of our life that we go through without being present, we are unaware and on automatic. As mom’s much of our time involves the necessary functions like our commute to work or our child’s soccer practice but we can become present and find time for self care within these fixed parts of our days.

There may be some things in your life that you are rushing through and you actually don’t need to. Recently, my husband and I recognized that we were devouring our meals like “starving dogs” even though there was absolutely no reason to do so. Our daughter who is still very chatting and active at mealtime is able to sit and eat on her own leaving my husband and I free to focus on our own experience. Since realizing this behavior we have been able to slow things down and enjoy the food as well as our time together. I started to look at other areas of my life where this may be happening and started to re-frame how I was thinking and the choices I was making. Here are a few other areas where when I shifted my thoughts, I was able to find self care where I never knew it existed.

Commute: before leaving each day I fill my travel mug with a green tea matcha or almond milk, maple syrup chai tea to enjoy on my ride in. I also started to take out audiobooks from the library or listen to podcast on my drive to and from work. Now when I hit traffic I am happy for the extra few minutes to myself…amazing!

Lunch hour: I extended my lunch hour by 15 minutes so that I could use this additional time to meet a friend or go for a walk or yoga class. If someone offered me a 60 minute break in the middle of a busy Saturday with my family, I would be thrilled, yet here it was for me 5 days a week and I was not using it. Take your lunch breaks Moms!

Children’s activities: I started to get active during my daughters lessons. I pick swimming lessons during a time that also offers lane swims. I run a few laps around the soccer field while she is at practice. Our family found a small local gym where my husband and I can work out while my daughter does gymnastics. Jack pot – we are all happier and healthier with this solution.

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