So given the reality that mom’s have less time, a non negotiable skill that we need to develop is the ability to fiercely protect what time we do have by setting clear boundaries within our families, friends, work, community etc… So much of our time is already accounted for and when you find yourself with precious space understanding what brings you joy and fills you up is valuable information.

The art of saying no, backing out of a commitment that is no longer working for you and disappointing others is a huge requirement of this process and a true act of self love. After a few times of putting your values first you will see the amazing benefits – more time, more energy, less stress and with experience taking care of your needs will become easier.

Before we can set boundaries we need to understand a) where are we spending our time b) is this activity bringing us joy c) is this something that we need to let go off.

Access your free journal pages to help you see where you may be giving away time to activities that are no longer serving you. The intent of this experience is to create clarity about the things in your life that are time takers so that you can create space for time givers!
Hugs from one mom to another!


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Congratulations for taking this step!