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Why Self Love Mom

 …because you don’t have to feel this exhausted!


You are not alone

Becoming a mom is one of the most transformational times in a woman’s life and many of us move into this new role NEVER having an opportunity to heal, adjust and accept our new identity.  Having been in the beautiful, blessed and often hard role of motherhood many of us eventually come up for air only to realize that we have not been taking care of our own basic needs.  We are exhausted in mind, body and spirit and have no idea how to reclaim our health and happiness…

My story

The birth of my daughter, the loss of me…

I understand this on a deep and personal level having lived through this myself. At 38 I meet the love of my life and less than 2 years later we were beyond blessed with the birth of our beloved daughter. Somewhere between realizing that a child was possible for us and giving birth, I made an unconscious contract with myself that I would give her everything, that I would be grateful every day and enjoy each minute of this miracle that had come into my life. This was a beautiful and authentic intention but in hindsight not at all sustainable.

What not taking care of me looked like? Did I not know better?

It all started out so wonderful, I was cloth diapering, nursing and training for my first postpartum 5km. I worked while my daughter slept, lost touch with friends and filled every moment of each day to ensure I was being the best mom I could be. Sure, I felt tired, I felt overwhelmed, I was moody but this is what I was suppose to be right?

So I drank more coffee and ate more sugar to keep it going. Even though I have years of education about how to prevent just this and I have supported 100’s of other women it snuck up on me. It did not happen overnight, it was gradual and slow but one day when my daughter was about 3, I realized I was not happy, I could not feel joy. I was devastated, lost and scared. My body ached, my nerves on edge, my moods low and I feel completed disconnected from what was most important to me, my family. I was burnt out.

My recovery from burnout (and it’s still happening)

Something had to change. I realized that it was time to get real about how I was treating my body and the major cost not caring for myself was having on me and my family. My first step has been to slow down, to calm my system and do less. My new daily mantra is “just one less thing”. Part of my recovery has been to train my adrenal glands by literally re-teaching myself the relaxation response. This looks like more yoga, meditation, essential oils, massages and walks in the woods. Recovery does not happen over night, my body was depleted for many, many months and it is payback time. So sleep, whole, balanced food choices and mindful movement are my priorities. Taking supplements that will nourish my adrenal glands and using essential oils, healing teas and connecting with other moms who fill me up is part of my routine. I do feel the difference with these choices, I am calmer, I have more energy and I am less reactive when things get busy. I am a mom, things get busy, I do too much but I now have the awareness of how to bring balance back to my body.

Now it’s your turn…

and I am here to support you every step of the way.